Have you given TRX a shot? Are you a focused devotee?

Or maybe a bit nervous to try a class?

TRX is truly for (just about) everyone. I have yet to find, in my almost 30 years of experience, a training tool and method that targets function, strength, balance, core conditioning, intensity, flexibility, mobility, speed, agility and endurance all at once! The incredibly simple principle of leveraging gravity and the participants body weight is just awesome.

I discovered how great it was to squat and lunge in full range of motion again when I thought my knees and hips would no longer tolerate that. I was elated that I could train my muscles hard still, yet have the support my joints now needed.

The exercises are easy in form and familiar. Once you master a basic training exercise, a squat for example, you could add plyometrics or one legged variation for an increase in difficulty. Some of the more difficult moves, say an atomic push-up, have variations and are meant to be worked toward in your training plan. Walk before a run, right?

The equipment is genius in its simplicity. Just think, Navy SEALS are pretty innovative and…. They need to train in an “anytime, anywhere” reality. A strap, a fulcrum and handles…you’ve got a portable trainer!

Studio 108 offers several classes each week. Full hour functional TRX classes, 30 minute Power 10 classes, and combination workouts that include TRX and Spinning with Steph and Chad are on the schedule. Check one out!