Here we are again…. what a year 2016 has been. For yours truly, it has been a great year personally. My relationship is amazing, my son awesome, my mom here, my family well and happy and another year doing what I love.  That 2016 was difficult for us as a nation hasn’t been easy. I’m not going to get political or stand on any soap boxes here. Suffice it to say, I will actively do my part to be involved in the change that is needed and stay hopeful that pathways to tolerance and progress are clear. 

How to balance this into my life?  This leads to a question we could all ask ourselves. How can I better do my life if I’m not fit to do so??  The caretakers must take care of themselves. And realistically, we are all caretakers. Everything is relative. The ER nurse, the parent, the company accountant…. we are all responsible and others depend on us. We cannot maintain good work environments, relationships and home lives without feeling good. 

Getting rest and relaxation time, quality sleep, nutritious foods, time with loved ones, time for physical fitness and recreation……. Jeez!!! Sounds like more to add to the to-do list. I see the fitness commitment go to the bottom of that list time and time again. “I’m bored”, “I’m not getting results”, “I don’t have time” and “It’s not fun” are the things I hear most. The time issue is lessened when the other pieces fall in line: fun, results, a sense of accountability. That’s where we come in. 

At the studio, there are classes and semi-private group trainings in TRX, cycling, Zumba (and it’s many forms), Pilates equipment, high-intensity tempo training (HIIT’s newest offering), and more. Our schedule is varied, but if that isn’t for you, qualified trainers are here to work an individual program to suit you. 

Get the most you can from your fitness investment by combining the effort for results with fun and a sense of belonging. We are here for you!  

Happy and Healthy for 2017