What’s missing in your training regimen? Are you a cardio junkie? Love strength training? Hooked on yoga and other flexibility platforms? These are all great! But no one form of exercise in singular form can benefit your body totally.

I know I’ll probably get some flak here especially from those who practice certain forms of exercise…”But X is toning and strengthening and stretching all in one session”…
That might be very true! But what about missing out on the pure fun of cardio? Like dancing like crazy for half an hour? Or getting outside for a little run?
Even classes and modalities that offer cross-training on multiple platforms in one session aren’t the answer all the time. Vary your workouts and recreational activities even if it means trying something new that you’re afraid of!

In no way am I discounting that you should stop going to your favorite class or session or training program on a regular basis. I encourage everyone to continue the routine and to take pleasure in the results and the dependability of them. My hope is that by continuing your regular training and exercise routines, you build confidence, strength and endurance to be able to try something new or to go out and do the seasonal recreational sports and activities we so enjoy when the seasons change.

The principle of “muscle confusion” in training has been argued by the best of professionals. I myself think there’s merit to it, but that no one training principle is perfect or fits everyone like a cookie cutter. I believe now that a combination of routine and variety is the best combo. If routine simply means that you continue to do something that’s beneficial and helpful, as in “I’m going to find time to exercise three times this week,” then that’s a routine. It does not necessarily mean that you do the same thing each time. If that is the case, as in going to a certain class twice a week and maybe walking your dog twice a week, then that’s great. If you find yourself doing something different seasonally, also awesome. I encourage people always to try new things, and to test their boundaries and limits.